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Price: 12.50

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Selection of handmade canape made from fresh quality ingredients.

1.    lightly filled crustless sandwiches i.e. egg & cress - & brie – smoked salmon & avacado.

2.    fresh crabmeat, seafood mix on cucumber wheels / toast / soda fingers

3.    bruchetta with medditereann topppings i.e. whole leaf basil – fresh buffalo mozzerella – roast tomato.

4.    smoked duck & fresh strawberry skewers ( no bread)

5.    seasonal carved fruit & berries (no bread)

6.    irish / international soft & hard cheeses on toasts / crackers

7.    fingers of soda with smoked irish trout and salmon dressed to please.

8.    crostini topped with fillet beef – prawn – black hams – interesting sauces & toppoings

9.    baby leaves with fresh hummus /homemade  olive tapenade( no bread)


10.  volauvonts of chicken & mushrooms – spinnach & ricotta – seafood / & sweet chilli



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